Jean-Paul Lemieux

This artist of renown received all along his career many honorific prices for is unique talent. Already in 1934 he was awarded the Brymmer price who was given to the less than 35 years old. Many of his artwork have for concept and subject great desolated areas and characters who are without emotion or neutral. We can notice evolution within his work who takes his influence from the war and the quiet revolution. He takes some satirical proportion in exposing some scenery of silent deconstructed landscape that was altered by conflicts.
  • Box of 10 reproductions 18 1/2 X 12 1/2 – Original signature

    Jean-Paul Lemieux retrouve Maria Chapdelaine
  • Box of 10 reproductions – 23 1/2 X 19 3/4

    La magie Lemieux
  • Jean-Paul Lemieux
    19 X 30 Lithography

    Les noces de juin