Normand Hudon

Mister Hudon was an renowned artist when it came down to caricature of all kind. He worked in collaboration with many news papers namely with the Le Devoir and La Presse who distributed his artwork all around the province. His work as being displayed for some time in the well-known restaurant Hélène-de-Champlain on the Saint-Hélène Island as well as other great places. Because of his artistic talent he’s being able to illustrate the older side of Quebec in a humoristic, funny and entertaining way that has boosted his career in the social-artistic community.

  • Lithography (325/480) – 13 X 14 1/2

    La joyeuse récréation
  • Normand Hudon
    18 X 21 1/2 1991 (325/480)

  • Normand Hudon 21 X 19 Reproduction

    Ces messieurs du Jury