Stanley Cosgrove

Stanley Cosgrove was born in Montreal on December 231911. Throughout his career, he has examined the figurative representation inspired by the forests, women and dead nature. In 1938, he offered his help to Edwin Holgate to paint what would become his first great wall and, as part of the New York World Fair. A few years later, he received a scholarship that allowed him to study in Mexico City where he fed a particular interest in the culture and art of the country. The frescoes of José Clemente Orozco greatly inspired him, as well as the work of great masters Rodriguez Lozano, Jose and Rivera. Then, back in Montreal in 1943, he obtained a professorship part time in the School of Fine Arts. By cons, after a decade, Cosgrove took the decision to focus on the emancipation of his work and was elected to the Royal Academy Gallery of Canada .