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A life in art…
Gilles Desjardins is very pleased to present his magnificient selection of paintings by Quebec contemporary artists… Gilles Desjardins Art Gallery presents more than 150 works of art by many renowned artists. Discover a selection of contemporary artists and chosen teachers .

Recent Acquisitions

  • Albert Rousseau 12 X 16

    Sans titre
  • Armand Tatossian 20 X 24

    Mont Avala
  • Armand Tatossian 10 X 12

  • Armand Tatossian 24 x 30

    St Jean Vianny
    20×24 HUILE

    Vue sur le parc national des Laurentides
  • Armand Tatossian
    10 x 12 Oil

    Ste-Adele Mont Rolland
  • Armand Tatossian
    20 x 24 Oil

  • Armand Tatossian
    34 x 24 Pastel

  • Terry Tomalty
    16 x 20 Oil

    Bad luck maudit
  • Armand Tatossian
    24 x 30 Oil

  • Paul Tex Lecor

    24 x 30 1998

    La petite gazelle
  • Armand Tatossian
    24 X 30

    Jeux d'enfants
  • Paul Tex Lecor
    24 X 30

    Les champs dans le Grand Nord
  • Clément Lemieux 8 X 5

    Activité forestière
  • Marc Chagall
    13 1/4 X 8 Reproduction 1981

    Le couple au crépuscule
  • Normand Hudon 21 X 19 Reproduction

    Ces messieurs du Jury
  • Terry Tomalty 24 X 36 Oil on canvas

    Game au forum
  • Armand Tatossian

    30 X 24
    Huile sur toile

    Fleurs sauvages
  • Terry Tomalty
    12 x 16 Oil on massonite

    Dépanneur du coin
  • René Richard
    24 X 30 Oil on canvas

    Cabane du trappeur dans le Grand Nord
Choosing ARTWORK

The value of the artist

An artist who proudly bears his name rarely reproduces what he has done. Although the topics and themes have a tendency to return, they are often topics that interest the artist’s passion, but the emotion generated by each piece is different. The value of the artist is also represented by its rating. We establish the rating according to several criteria: the medium, the career years, demand, prices and distinctions of the artist. We must never forget that this is the first artist that determines its own symbol.

The value of the artwork

The true value of artwork lies in its uniqueness. Also, do not forget that artwork makes our life more pleasant every day by beautifying our environment. Moreover, the art market keeps rising trend year by year.